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Keith Richard insured his middle finger for 1.6 million dollars!

History of rock music
Keith Richard, the well known name in rock music arena is a English Rockstar,Singer,Song writer, best known as a popular member of 1970-80 decades famous rock band Rolling Stone.He has a great ability at stage to make man shiver with guitar.He had a habit to show his middle finger when performing at stage as a sign of “f……of”.Keith Richard shocked the world when the news published that he insured his middle finger for 1.6million dollars

.A guitarists most valuable possession is his finger.however He know that one day he could no longer play guitar.and he also know his worth as a guitarist in the Rock music world. Keith Richard has  another antecedents as an actor, he played a role in Man on Horseback(1969) as a soldier , The Simpson(2002) as himself,Pirates  of Caribbean:At worlds end(2007), Pirates  of Caribbean:on stranger tides(2011) as Captain Teague,for this movie he was nominated —People's Choice Award for Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast,and Scream Award for Best Cameo.

here is a list below Keith Richards Famous song with Rolling stone-
· Something happened to me yesterday" (alternates with Jagger) (Co-lead with Jagger) –Between the  Buttons  (1967)
·  "Salt of the Earth" (first verse) – Beggars Banquet (1968)
·  "You got the silver" – Let it Bleed (1969)
·  "Happy" –Exile on Main St. (1972)
·  "Coming down again" – Goals Head Soup (1973)
·  "Memory Motel" (alternates with Jagger) – Black and Blue (1976)
·  "Happy" (live) –Love you Live (1977)
·  "Before They Make Me Run" – Some Girls (1978)
·  "All About You " – Emotional Rescue (1980)

Keith Richard, Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones Bootleg

Keith Richard, Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones Bootleg



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